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  • This Face Gunk Is Blowing My Mind

    A few weeks ago, I went to the Lancome counter to get some... uhhh... oh, foundation! I forgot for a second there. The salesperson asked if she could do a full face and I was like "DOY!" and so she wiped all my makeup off. Then she proceeded to put about, no joke, five different products all over my face before the foundation. It was nuts. But one of them smelled nice and the bottle was hot pink and it was the one she was going on and on about. Plus it's called DreamTone, which is lovely. She gave me a sample and her cell phone number and promised me that if I used it morning and night for a week, I'd be texting her singing its praises. 

    SHE WAS RIGHT. My skin looks clearer and more perfect than it maybe ever has? I'm sorry it's so expensive. That part is stupid. Come over and I'll give you some of mine.