• Only A White Person Would Ask What Their Skin Tone Is: A Theory

    The other day someone asked me how to tell if they are "fair" or "medium" in terms of beauty products. All sorts of products -- from foundations to dark spot correctors to highlighters to leg makeup -- are quite often, and quite lazily, categorized as appropriate for "fair," "medium" or "dark" complexions.

    So, how can you tell if you're fair, medium or dark? It's easy: everyone who isn't on the white end of the spectrum is well aware of it because of THE GARBAGE WORLD WE LIVE IN. Mediums know and are reminded constantly that they are medium and darks know and are reminded constantly that they are dark. If you have the luxury to *wonder* if you're a fair, I think it's safe to say you're fair.

    I ran this theory by a few friends who are not "fair" and the universal response was "What!?" I rest my case, almost...

    Just to complicate things further, because that is my favorite thing to do: a lot of makeup companies only carry ranges that are appropriate for fair to medium complexions while leaving truly darker complexions to shop elsewhere. In that case, yeah, maybe you have a little figurin' to do since fair would presumably mean very pale white and dark would mean anyone not white or black. Here's what you do in that case: don't buy from those companies. They're racist.