Friday Bargain Bin Is Back

Um, she's not blonde any more.

Kimye Post Earrings, $14
Oh, sorry, I’m actually buying these for myself. Now, what to pair them with?

Like your name is Sugar or Bitsy.

Rag & Bone Jett Blazer, $199 (was $495)
Start with this tiiight blazer…

Happy Belated 420, brah
A Fine Line Camper Sweats, $38.40 (were $128)
…add these luxury sweats, and… wait for it…

Would Shelia E. say "no" to these? Don't be an idiot!
Mae Booties, $80 (were $280)
…finish the look with these. If you think I’m joking, you do not know me OR what proper brunch attire is.

A baby drum kit!
KN Bronze Finish Cookware (8 piece set), $118.95 (was $699)
Even if you don’t cook, you should get these so you can tell those jerks you have a $700 set of pots and pans.

House Of Holland Nails By Elegant Touch in Classy Nude, $10.35 (were $15.05)

It's a little bit of a stretch to call that burgundy one a "liner" but whatever, Sephora.
Define Yourself Color Eyeliner Set, $19 (was $32)
When it comes to the colored eyeliner trend, you have until August (says me) to get on board.

Bonpoint Knitted Booties, $33 (were $110)
This is the only¬†affordable Bonpoint item I’ve ever seen, and still it’s like, “THIRTY DOLLARS FOR SOME BABY SOCKS???” But seriously, you should¬†get these for a cute baby.

Sevan Bicakci Diamond & Aquamarine Dove Earrings, $26,720
There exists, upon this earth, an asshole rich enough to buy these and wear them to the grocery store. If you see her, tell her that I’m pretty chill and I wanna be her friend!

11 thoughts on “Friday Bargain Bin Is Back”

  1. JAAAANE! My life has not been the same without your bargains in my bin (of life, that is…?) . Those Kimye AND rich asshole earrings are pushing me ever closer to just getting mah damn ears pierced already.

      1. *SCREAMS* Fixed, they’re there now. Wicked as expected. I bought the “pants”, which I have to call them instead of sweats, even at the bargain price. Lets me wear them out more.

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