Friday Bargain Bin: Not A Mother’s Day Gift List

Digby & Iona Florin Yellow Diamond Ring, $1,100 (was $2,200)
I do. 

ASOS Curve Skater Skirt in Leather, $63.97 (was $159.92)
It’s Kiki’s skirt! IT’S KIKI’S SKIRT!!!

Foldable Fashion Origami Kit, $9.85 (was $10.95)
I bought this for my sister and I to play with when she came to visit me a few weekends ago. It was in the “Bargain Books” section at Barnes & Noble and when I took it to the cashier it wasn’t marked down at all and that’s when I learned that, “Bargain just means a section of cheaper books, not ones that are on sale.” Huh.

Camarillo Braided Belt, $29.95 (was $48)
Another staple belt on sale at Anthro. BUT BEWARE: Reviewers say to order a size up.

Callie High-Heel Metallic Sandals, $139.29 (were $248)
I’ve been watching these for a month. This isn’t enough of a sale, right? “She died as she lived: wondering if something was marked down enough.”

Heritage Leather Mason Bag, $69.99 (was $119)
I predicted years ago that this would become an “it” bag. Now is the time to make it happen!

Whale Serve Stand, $71 (was $89)
Oh, man, this is so cute to me. Maybe today is the day I finally became a *real* mom?

Ivette Robe, $100 (was $180)
Like you don’t want a silk robe.

DIY Nails California Love Decals, $5 (were $10)
The man is rolling over in his grave right now… or is he?

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