• 50 Ways to Wear Denim & Madewell Giveaway!

    I never, ever, ever do stuff like this. Like, plug things and give away prizes. But, my good friend Lauren's new book, 50 Ways to Wear Denim, came out this week and she let me complain about how jealous I was of her earlier this week at The Hairpin so I owe her BIG TIME. Here's a bit of our convo but you should click here to read the whole thing:

    Jane: What’s your actual process? Teach me how to draw, Lauren. Over the phone.

    Lauren: The process of writing 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf actually taught me how to draw. The artist I was in the beginning was different than the artist at the end. If you’re doing something like drawing hands over and over and over again, you’re just inevitably going to get better at it. My goal for 50 Ways to Wear Denim, just for selfish reasons, was I wanted to be able to look at it and not see the struggle that went into it. For 50 Ways to Wear a Scarf I colored in the original sketches. I see a lot of the erasing and changing that happened on each page so for 50 Ways to Wear Denim I have so, so many sketches of each look. I would use a light box and trace on top of it and I figured out how to make adjustments instead of being like, “Ughhh, I have to start all over and erase everything!” I figured out the less time I spend on it, the better it looks. It’s like my hair, the less time I spend on it, the better it looks. And it just takes a lot of practice to know when to step back and not over do it.


    Jane: Do you ever think like, okay, everybody already wears jeans. What do I have to add to this conversation?

    Lauren: Oh yeah. It’s almost like, “Why does Lauren think she has an opinion about this?” Mostly, I made a commitment to denim in the same way I made a commitment to scarves. I really tried to make everything that I put in there relevant to someone else. I really wanted everything in there to reflect something useful or meaningful. So I did a lot of research beforehand. I studied the history of denim and how to make denim. I don’t think I’m an expert any more than anyone else who wears jeans is. But, you think it’s just this thing that sits in your closet and then when you start to talk to people about denim, everyone actually has this sort of passion about it? So I almost felt as if I were writing on behalf of everyone. I wouldn’t call myself an expert, I was called by the inspiration gods to make something for everyone.

    So, what am I doing here talking about it again? Well, we're doing a little blog tour in support of the release. I had never heard of a blog tour before this but it's like a pub crawl only instead of bars you go to different websites and instead of enjoying beer you enjoy photos of people in their favorite looks from Lauren's book. Mine is number 47, The Hobbyist. When I saw this drawing I was like "THAT IS MY APRON!"

    I can't remember how this website found me, but I bought this Joe's Jeans apron a few years ago and have almost loved it to death making pottery in it. Get yours here; the proceeds benefit Edible Gardens LA.

    NOW FOR THE FUNNEST PART: Chronicle Books and I are doing a giveaway! Leave a comment here and on September 19th I'll choose one lucky person to get a copy of the book plus a $25 gift certificate to Madewell. DO IT. Do it. do it. do it.

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